Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been tagged!

Well, I've been tagged. For those of you who have never been tagged before, it means that someone somewhere has decided that you need to share a bit more in your blog :) (At least I figure that's why they pick me !) They give you an assignment and you get to fulfill it. This time it was much easier than when I had to show off my toilet, my refrigerator, my closet, etc. and prove once and for all that I am certainly not a clean freak. Here's the tag: Go to your pictures folder, find the 6th picture in the 6th folder and post it with an explanation.

My sister tagged me having posted a great 80's photo of our family. Hilarious. How do you have those pics on your computer anyway? I wish I could share one so funny.

But, here's the pic.

It was taken a few days after my Mom arrived for the birth of Jordan. She arrived on September 8th. We were sure he would be coming that weekend. But, he didn't and here we are at Kyler's Parents Night at the school where he showed off his classroom and continued to announce to everyone that our baby was coming that week. (which he didn't....incidentally Jordan didn't come until the day Mom was scheduled to leave 2 weeks after she came...grrr!)

But, I'm not bitter. Back to Parent's night. The kids decided that the lockers served better as hide and seek spots. You should have seen us. We had the darndest time finding them :). It was cute, though. It took me back to playing hide and seek at home and hiding in the built in lockers in the laundry room. Did we ever do that? I don't actually completely remember, but it seemed like somewhere we'd probably hide.

Now, I get to Tag someone else. How about, Adrienne Bybee, Jenn Moore, Tauna, Heidi, and Cheri. You're it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts

This was the year of Homemade Christmas gifts. Like so may people this year, we found ourselves looking for inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas. I'm so glad. It brought back so many great memories of making presents for my siblings. Ryden made a wallet card for Dad...a credit card covered in a collage of pictures of his kids so he can always have their pictures close at hand. Aspen made a pencil holder made out of a peach can, but plastered with pictures of the kids. Kyler drew a beautiful picture. The kids made each other fleece scarves, hats and mittens. Ryden made Kyler and Aspen tooth-fairy pillows and Kyler made Ryden a hand-drawn village mat, complete with Fire Station, the bank, the school, our house, Sierra's house and much more. All of the kids made soap for their teachers. It was so much fun spending so much time helping the kids get into the spirit of Christmas. I honestly think I won't go back to store bought gifts. It just meant so much more this year.

As for Enoch and I, our favorite gift to give was the doll house we bought at a garage sale for $6. We then wallpapered it with scrapbook paper, carpeted it with hand towels and painted the accent walls. You have to check it out.

Then for Aspen's birthday, the boys made her furniture. They were all so cute. I even slipped into her room on Christmas day to play with it for a little bit. It took me back to those days when I was a little girl dreaming of a gorgeous dollhouse. I remember the day my brothers gave me one. It was magical. Somehow, I still love those things.

Aspen the Ballerina

Here's just a bit of footage of Aspen's dance class. As you can see, they learned all sorts of important moves, like how to get really dizzy and how to make your hair stick up. It's so fun having a girl so I can do all the girly things with her. But, being raised with 3 brothers, she still has the rambunctious boy in her to make sure the bar gets used for the right purposes...

Joy School Christmas Show

Ryden's Joy School class put on a little show for Christmas. It was really cute when we saw it live, but it became hilarious when we reviewed the footage. I especially love Ryden's one-word catch ons at the end of each phrase and Aspen's game of "Peek-A-Boo" with Jordan half way through. Let me know if you laugh as hard as I did....maybe it's just because I'm their mom!

They also did a little nativity that was so sweet to watch. Ryden was a shepherd...

Kyler and Renen were innkeepers (they asked for help from the audience)

Aspen was Mary and did great. She did have a bit of trouble wrapping the child in swaddling clothes, though. But, she finally just tied him up good and moved on :) Her sweet husband just stood watching with a big grin on his face.

And Jordan was the unexpected modern day visitor who came to see the Babe in the Manger....actually he came to grab it and run away, but Mary did a good job of protecting her baby.

Aspen's Hawaiian Luau Party

Aspen's Birthday was so much fun to plan, execute and remember. Ahhh how I love when a party goes well. She wanted to have a Hawaiian Luau. Hmmm, I thought, a Hawaiian Luau in December. Sounds interesting. Well, we plastered the house with floral garland, hung flowers outside amidst the bitter cold wind, hung colorful streamers and decked out Aspen in a grass skirt and lei. Then, we gave each child a lei when they got there. We had live Hawaiian radio playing in the background. I actually felt warm in my bright pink capris and flip-flops.

Her cake was a flower and we served it with rainbow sherbet...perfect colors for a luau. The hawaiian pineapple mango juice was served with little umbrellas. It was so cute!

One of my favorite games was the limbo. It was hilarious watching some of the kids work so hard to keep their back arched while others just approached the bar and ducked under. What a riot.

Here's my favorite game of all. Keep in mind, we had 18 kids for the party. Thinking it was Christmastime and a lot of people probably wouldn't come, I let Aspen invite 16 people to her party. All but 1 came!! Add my three kids and you've got 18 kids! It was crazy. At one point, the kids were all bouncing off the walls (right after cake and ice cream, of course). Enoch announced the next game: The rock game. He talked it up to be such a fun game. Here's how you play. Everybody tries to act like a rock. Whoever looks and acts most like a rock wins! It's that simple. All the kids did a terrific job. It was so hard to pick a winner! Except, of course, for Enoch who saved the day and calmed the crowd. They played rock for a good 5 minutes before we felt guilty and decided we should go on with the party :)
On top of all that, Enoch painted hawaiian pictures on each of the kids' cheeks. And we made little sand art jars that each child got to take home. They were so cute and the kids had so much fun.

But, now for the funniest part of all. A woman from church gave me the idea to send each of the kids home with a goldfish. Perfect!! Well, after getting rejected by one pet shop who wouldn't sell goldfish for birthday parties due to animal cruelty acts, etc., Enoch finally found a store that would send him home 25 goldfish to 18 crazy kids. We had them swimming as the centerpiece during cake time. Which worked until one by one they went belly up! The kids were so worried about the fish. One by one we removed the dead ones until we had just enough to still send home with the kids. Luckily, they had already gone through the grieving stage with us so as they left with their fish, we heard some exclaim, "This fish will probably die soon so we have to have as much fun with it as we can right now!". One kid actually came back to the kitchen because his fish died by the time he got to the door. It was so sad, but so hilarious at the same time. Here we are throwing a big hawaiian luau and sending home 5 and 6 year olds with dead fish and a can of sand as their goody bag!! WOW!! We laughed 'til it hurt over that one. I guess I'm starting to see why Pet Shop #1 called it an "animal cruelty act" to send goldfish to birthday parties. Oops!

Icy Fun

What does icy driveway + large cardboard box equal?

Poor Man's Sledding. Check it out. We had such a blast with this!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hanging Out at The Food Court

For family night, we headed up to the Food Court at the mall to play and to see the snow globes. The kids had a blast! Jordan had his first experience with being completely distracted by the opposite sex. Check it out:

And here's our entry for the new Uncle Sam recruiting posters: